SE Connect represents over 100 clients in the field of sports and entertainment, delivering exceptional in-person campaigns to drive brand awareness and build lasting consumer relationships. The personal approach works well for our clients, for consumers and for our team members, helping each of these stakeholders share in the growth and expansion, while enjoying the experience of our services.  For every new campaign we devise,  our target is to provide each of these three stakeholders with a platform to achieve their objectives. When each of these goals are catered to, the result is a system for consistent growth, while helping consumers gain access to more innovative brands.

For our team members, we focus on personal and professional targets, and support and mentor their growth from entry-level representative to fully-fledged business leader. This helps us ensure we remain competitive, goal-oriented and high performing, regardless of the campaign specifics or the team members involved.

At SE Connect, we pride ourselves on adding value to the advertising process by offering exclusive incentive packages through innovative, interactive marketing experiences that consumers enjoy. In turn, this helps our clients expand their market share, through bringing their services into direct contact with a wider range of geo-targeted consumers. As compared to indirect marketing strategies such as   telemarketing, television ads, and billboards, etc., the SE Connect approach builds a personal, lasting connection between brand and consumer. This helps shape the consumer’s perception of our clients for the better, while enabling our team to consistently drive our brands forward.

We currently work with over 100 of the country’s most recognizable brands in sports, leisure, and entertainment, providing immense, ongoing brand value through the campaigns and strategies we deploy. This all hinges on the input of our highly motivated team, each in their own right focused on delivering the best results for our clients while achieving exciting professional development and career advancement.

SE Connect started with a single idea, and quickly grew into a team of highly-motivated interactive marketing professionals. Today, our team serves a portfolio spanning more than 100 different sports, leisure, and entertainments brands that choose our professional services for the innovative contribution we make to their bottom-line.

We have come a long way in our development as a business thus far, and that is thanks in no small part to the energy and personal commitment of everyone in our team. Each of our team members has the chance to thrive in a positive work environment, and we encourage individuals to pursue their own personal growth and development as they achieve amazing results for our clients. With our mentorship and training program, every single team member is afforded the chance to reach their potential and hit their career aspirations, helping us continue to attract the best raw talent in the business.