SEMclix is a Search Engine Marketing and Web Development company formed by several industry experienced partners. Our goal is to provide high end search engine marketing programs, business website design, and eCommerce design packages at affordable rates to start-up and established businesses. We strive to assist business owners in cultivating new ventures and growing established enterprises.

Our eCommerce packages are designed to supply business owners with the needed components to operate an eCommerce business, and to achieve an online presence today. From day to day operations and store management functions, to search engine friendly design and company branding, SEMclix's goal is to strategically position our clients online. Whether you have an organization with low start up costs, or enterprise level business goals, we are prepared to cater to your company's needs.

Our Search Engine Marketing programs are outlined to comply with search engine guidelines and to further increase our clients visibility on search engine result pages(SERPs). Through years of experience our team has carefully crafted marketing techniques that have allowed us to achieve competitive search positioning for our clients. We believe that to attain an online presence today a business has to have an online marketing plan that consists of evenly promoting their company's brand throughout their site, social media outlets, and directly on the SERPs themselves.

SEMclix's core mission is to provide unparalleled customer service and consulting to our valued clients. We are convinced that there is a clear difference between consulting and support. That is why our programs are designed to deliver the needed amount of each, based on your company's requirements.