SES America manufactures LED messaging for North America's roads and highways
Beginning in 1986, SESA has developed regulatory LED signage for all types of applications to strict government standards for NTCIP protocol, MUTCD, and Federal Highway Administration guidelines.
Known as an innovator, SESA has introduced several technologies to the industry including Fiber Optic technology. Always striving for greater efficiencies while reducing maintenance issues, we will pilot or place specific solutions to test sign abilities but most importantly, find solutions. Our LED;s are the most efficient in the industry resulting energy use 30-80% less than some traditional technologies in place today.  As design pioneers, we introduced retrofitting and upgrading signs on site reducing costs by half. SESA manufactures a fleet of directional messaging signage utilizing technologies for the greatest efficiency.  All SESA signs, including the largest format available in the industry, we can be integrated with reliable solar power systems. SES most recently developed direct messaging signs allowing travel time data translated and conveyed direct to the sign without human interaction, updated once a minute!

simply, SESA are solutions driven developers imploring the latest technology producing the most efficient dynamic messaging applications in North America, delivered on time and as promised.