We provide professional translation services from English to Spanish by using translation experts who are experienced in each document’s content field.  We specialize in Medical, Advertising, Transportation, Construction, Public Relations, Social Work, Entertainment, Journalistic and Public sector translations.


In today’s global economy, it is an advantage to provide either a partial or complete translation of website content in order to reach more markets.  We translate websites from English to Spanish and are committed to providing our clients with a complete and concise interpretation of their services and products.


SGM’s professional web design helps businesses and individual clients all over the world establish and maintain a professional Internet presence.  

Our designers strive to create professional websites that will effectively promote our clients’ products and services to their target audience.


The SGM Group provides accurate and reliable transcription of audio and video recordings to meet all your corporate needs.  Our staff has been trained to transcribe multiple voices ensuring our clients receive a quality document every time.  To ensure the highest quality and accuracy, finished transcripts are proofread manually by experts before delivery.



The SGM Group offers a wide range of photographic production and provides clients with the best images and working experience.  From stock, to commercial photography, from artistic, to modeling and cover art, images can be produced digitally, or on film.