What is SHARE?
SHARE is a nonprofit food buying club that offers good, nutritious products at reduced cost through a volunteer-run, community-based distribution system. SHARE’s volunteer network can help you save 30-50% compared to grocery store prices.

Who is SHARE for?
Everyone is welcome to save money on food and help their community as a member of SHARE. There are no income guidelines, membership fees or eligibility requirements.

Where is SHARE?
SHARE serves nearly 200 communities throughout Wisconsin, northern Illinois and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Most likely, SHARE delivers good, nutritious food directly to your community.

What food does SHARE offer?
Pick and choose the food you want by shopping on our website or by using a paper order form. Products change every month, but they always include a wide selection of good, nutritious products, such as frozen meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, certified organic produce and other grocery items. SHARE also offers complete family dinner packages for the holidays.

How can I help?
SHARE encourages members to volunteer either with the food distribution team in their area, or elsewhere in the community. There are thousands of ways you can get involved. Help unload the SHARE truck. Help out at your church or senior center. SHARE encourages you to make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others.

1. How do I order?  Order online at www.sharewi.org, call SHARE’s main office
toll-free at 800-548-2124 or contact your local volunteer team.
2. How and when do I pay?  Pay when you submit your order. Depending on how you order, SHARE accepts cash, check, credit/debit and Quest/Link cards.
3. Where and when do I pick up the food?  At a SHARE site in your area, usually on a Saturday morning.
4. Is volunteer time required?  SHARE offers many volunteer opportunities, but there are no volunteer requirements in order to buy food through SHARE.

How To Join
Place your order and find out more about volunteering at the SHARE location nearest you by visiting our website www.sharewi.org or calling our main office toll-free at