Everything about and for the musician SHIVA: singer, vocalist, songwriter, author, guitar player, composer of hard rock, heavy metal, love metal with a very strong vocal force, and driving very bass full 6 string guitar.  A man of God and extreme religious devotion in all the major things he does.  He has twitter accounts, the major one being http://twitter.com/zuesshiva.  His website is http://zueskrishnashiva.com
  His new CD New Harmony 3 'Eros' is for sale at his website http://zueskrishnashiva.com  also on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/new-harmony-3-eros/id716010510 and at CDBaby at http://cdbaby.com/cd/shiva4
  He is a Canadian American Records artist also.
  He has plans for a kit home sales business.  Selling homes and kit homes that use light gauge steel for the structural supports, plexi-glass for the window panes, and have incinerator toilets only also.  They mostly are going to be of masonry walls on the outside, and be as safe as possible from any lethal harm possiblities.  
  Their are some other business ventures that are in the planning stages only though.
  He is affiliated with Phat Buddha Studios and Productions in Saint Louis, MO.
Also with Canadian American Records, and Joey Welz the CEO there of, who has said of his new CD, that it is "The Real Deal"
   He, Shiva, has a blog at his website.-  http://zueskrishnashiva.com/blog/
    Shiva currently resides at 4308 Gardner Expy    Quincy Illinois USA 62305-7520
   Telephone is 217 -779- 3175
   Email is zues@zueskrishnashiva.com  check website for other email addressses.
 The new CD New Harmony 3 'Eros' is selling for $13.99 at his website and at CDBaby.com.   On iTunes the songs sell for $9.99 for the album and $0.99 for each song/track.  
  "Rock on!" is moniker/saying Shiva uses.