Bruce McMullin, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, was on a family retreat in Calcutta, India in 2003.  His daughter, Minda, was adopted from the region when she was just a baby, and Bruce wanted to show her the area in which she was born. It was during this trip that Bruce was introduced to a “powerful holy fruit,” the Sea Buckthorn berry.  It was then that the real journey began.

Bruce researched this incredibly nutrient dense berry and recognized it would be the perfect foundation for skin care and supplement products in North America.

While Sea Buckthorn berries grow in various global locations, the plants high in the Himalayan mountain valleys experience unique growing conditions.  The extremely high altitude, low oxygen level and harsh climate triggers a survival response that signals the plants to absorb and store nutrients. Turkestanica sea buckthorn berries contain measurably higher concentrations of antioxidants, vitamins and omega 7, making it one of the most nutrient-dense subspecies of sea buckthorn found in the world.  Bruce, therefore, decided to use these berries exclusively for the SIBU Sea Berry Therapy product line.

Wild-crafted and harvested by hand in traditional Tibetan fashion, the local harvesters first shake the berries from thorny shrubs with long sticks. Ripe berries fall onto catch-cloths and are gathered into large buckets. The berries are sorted and washed in small batches to ensure gentle handling, then they are strained into a puree and poured into sterilized drums where they are frozen for transportation to the U.S. Every step is designed to preserve the potency of the berries and ensure that the finished products are measurably superior.

Continuing with their commitment to provide premium sea buckthorn products, both the seed and fruit or pulp oils of the berry are extracted using super-critical CO2 extraction again ensuring the superior quality of finished products that are sold to their consumers.

SIBU is proud to offer an exclusive line of health & skin care products that will improve the way you look and the way you feel. They are also sensitive to the constant stress on our environment due to chemicals, overflowing landfills, and irresponsible management of our forests and other valued resources.  For these reasons, SIBU Sea Berry Therapy is proud to participate in a range of sustainability initiatives, which respect the earth and the resources it provides. From easily recycled plastic to fair trade harvesting practices in the Himalayan Highlands and philanthropic outreach, SIBU is committed to making a difference for your health and for the planet.