Strategies for International Development (SID) designs, applies, and promotes better methods for helping poor farmers reclaim eroded land, increase income, and graduate from poverty.  

75% of the world’s poor are small farmers making the transition from subsistence to successful commercial farming.  Also, 1.9 of the 13 billion hectares of the earth's surface covered by land are eroded as a result of human activity, and most of this eroded land is in the developing countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.  

Soil erosion and poverty form a vicious cycle; each one is a principal cause of the other; and both must be addressed in the same project.  SID helps farmers meet and negotiate with buyers, assess alternatives, make land-use and business plans, and adopt the practices that reclaim and conserve land and increase productivity, price, and income.  We work in Guatemala and Perú the two countries in Central and South America with the greatest number of rural poor.