SJI Fundraising presently sells 2 categories of personalized products. (More in the future!)
1.  Award winning personalized 3D animated adventure movies (20-30 min.)  
2.  Personalized NFL photo- we allow anyone to be pictured as the “#1 Draft Pick” of their favorite NFL team.
Both products are are Exclusive to SJI Fundraising.

"First and only with no competition." You don't hear that often. We are offering large protected territories with tremendous untapped potential (you will be the first Agent in your territory). A typical ter. includes 200+ elementary schools, 400+ churches, many daycare facilities, and consist of 750,000 to 1.5 million people. We are committed to creating the best opportunity for long term financial success for our agents and will focus on making sure the right 165 agents nationwide are selected.

We are offering a financial package that attracts, motivates, and retains top quality agents. The income projections below are based on a 250 item program. The total items sold per program can vary dramatically; therefore, estimates below could be higher or lower and should be used for illustrative purposes only.
•52 completed 250 item programs pays out $39,000 in commissions(one program a week!) keep in mind talented agents could run 52 programs or more simultaneously in one month)
•365 completed 250 item prog. Pays out $273,750
Having someone say “yes” just once a day can put you in the highest tax bracket.
We need to place the right individuals who have the talent and desire to capitalize on this incredible opportunity. Are you the right individual for this position?

Please contact us at www.sjifundraising.com  - careers if you are interested  in finding out if a territory is available where you are located.