Assisting Homeowners in 'Living in the Home You Really Want!'

With a lifelong love of the arts, a creative and professional mind set, Decorative & Fine Artist Stephen J. Young, assists his clients in creating homes and business that reflect their personal tastes and visions.

"People often have very strong creative ideas that they have trouble 'bringing to life.' My first job is to help them first to be able to clearly express those ideas. Then to find tangible ways to assist them in turning those creative ideas into a real plan that can be brought into existence," says Stephen.

Continuing he tells us, "Once the owner can start to see tangible items like colors, sketches, drawings, fabrics, pictures, etc, and then the excitement really begins! You see their eyes light up over things they love or maybe you see 'the stinky face' that tells you this is not the way to go. The clarity on the vision they have been seeing in their head starts to take shape during this all important consultation process. It's the part of my business that I really love!"

Q. What are some of your best services, your specialties?

A. "On the Interior Design / Decorating side, I'd have to say Color and Specialty / Creative Wall, Ceiling, Furniture & Cabinet finishes.  These can range from colors from your local paint store to murals, faux finishes & gold gilding.  On the Fine Art side; Painting with Wine is my most specialized Fine Art service, as well as Portrait drawings and Landscape scenes."

Q. Where can people find out more about you and your services?

A. "The best place would probably be my website You can also see an example of my latest Wine Painting work at which hasn't been released to the general public yet as the page is still under construction, but your readers are welcome to check out."