SKYShades is a leader in the shade industry, and for the past 20 years the company has been steadily growing into countries all over the world.  SKYShades of Michigan is located in SE Michigan and is available to manage projects of all sizes.  From poolside umbrellas to standard shade structures to custom shade sails to integrated fabric roofing systems, SKYShades has the product you are looking for.

Umbrellas are for restaurants, pools, parks, schools and businesses.  These come in a range of sizes and features.  All of them come with PVC fabric in white.  Other colors are available.  The frame can be made of powder coated aluminum or painted steel.  The architectural umbrellas are fixed (not retractable) and are rated to 110 mph.  The retractable Skybrellas are rated to 35 mph.

Standard Shade Structures are available in a variety of styles and sizes and are used in parks, playgrounds, marinas, restaurants, farms, hotels, churches, etc..  We have the Hypar, the Saddle Back, the Raised Center Structure with Triangle Shade Sails, and the Raised Center Structure with Overlapping Sails.  They are designed to cover areas from 20’ x 20’ to areas as large as 40’ x 40’.  Since these are standard kits, they don’t require extensive design or engineering effort and they are quite cost effective.

Custom Shade Structures are the most exciting applications.  This is where you can use your imagination to create function and style for your specific place of business.  They can be free standing or attached to your building, they can be small or large, they can be colorful or subtle, they can be tall or they can be low to the ground.  SKYShades is staffed with designers and engineers who have the skills and talents to create award winning custom shade structures.  SKYShades has designed and installed many custom structures in the past few years.  Contact SKYShades of Michigan to get additional information or to schedule a free consultation.

Integrated Roofing Systems present spectacular shape and lighting options for the architect.  A roof made with PTFE has substantially less weight than typical solid construction and allows the supporting walls to be made thinner and less expensive.  This is also a great option to reduce energy costs by allowing sunlight to pass through the translucent material during the daytime.  Reflective lights create a warm environment at night.  Note that the life expectancy of a PTFE roof is 35 to 40 years with very little maintenance.

If you really want to impress your customers, consider installing covered parking spaces for them.  This will keep their cars dry and cool in the summer, and keep the snow off from them in the winter.  The covers will also protect the cars from hail damage.    SKYShades has a variety of styles to pick from.  Each one of them look good in the day time, but they are especially attractive at night.  With the appropriate lighting strategy, these structures can be seen from quite a distance after the sun goes down.

One of the most important features of the SKYShades products is that they protect you and your customers from ultraviolet (UV) rays coming from the sun.  Sure it is nice to spend a few minutes in the sun, but everyone should be mindful about spending too much time in direct sunlight.  Skin damage caused by UV rays can lead to skin cancer, and this is a very real concern across the United States.  In fact, the American Cancer Society says, “On average, one American dies every hour of every day of every month from skin cancer.”  If you have an outdoor area where your employees or your customers are exposed to direct sunlight, perhaps you should consider installing an attractive fabric structure to make the area more pleasant for everyone.

By providing shade outside your business, it is likely to increase revenue.  Your place will have a distinct colorful fabric structure where people can relax or shop or talk with salespeople in a comfortable setting.  Depending on the size of the shade structure it may even become a landmark for some people!

If you are located in the state of Michigan, please give us a call.  We can show you details of our products and work with you to transfrom your place of business into a showpiece!  If you are outside of Michigan, please contact our corporate headquarters at (407)774-2337 or visit their website at www.skyshades.com