Golf practice or even the sport itself. Doesn’t it sound like it will take a huge chunk out of your time and bank account? Founded by a team of weekend golfers who just simply didn’t have the luxury to get private golf lessons or go to a practice range, SMARTGOLF has marched for making golf practice more accessible and affordable to golfers of every level since 2015. With the successful Kickstarter campaign for the SMARTGOLF Club in 2015 this is our second tour in Kickstarter. We’re not those self-proclaimed scientists/startups saying we have found a new element. Rather, we portray ourselves in introducing “Smart” into golf practice or even the sport itself. Of course, we are not saying all the other golf practice methods or the great sport itself is not “Smart”. But we define “Smart” as being the most accessible and affordable yet being the most practical solution in each field”. And SMARTGOLF is the most “Smart” solution you will find when it comes to Golf practice and equipment. I know most of us use “Smart” phones, tablets even cars nowadays. Why not use some “Smart” in your golf?