Waveney Valley Smokehouse is a traditional smoking business based in Lowestoft, England. The company has 150 year old smoking kilns that are used for a wide range of foods including Kippers, Mackerel, Salmon and Herring. The company recently formed the SMOKA brand in order to bring a wider range of products to market. The SMOKA brand are superior quality smoked foods that are Ready to Eat. The products are ideal for home and professional chefs.

The smokehouse is licensed by the UK Food Standards Agency through Waveney Council. The company distributes its products throughout the United Kingdom.

The company aims to innovate in the food services sector with a range of products are are classified as Van to Pan making it possible for great tasting smoked foods to be on the plate within seconds of leaving the fridge.

Press announcements will be issued to advise of new products and new processes as they become available.