SNtial Organics works with charitable organizations throughout Canada, the US and abroad to provide a more unique and month over month consistent fundraising opportunity that is not only of a financial benefit to your organization but empowers those in your community to stand behind your organization and all the programs and services you provide.

SNtial Organics Inc. operates in partnership with Freight Farms out of Boston, MA. Freight Farms developed the Greenery, Vertical Hydroponic Container Farms where we can grow up to 4000 heads of lettuce per month while cultivating monthly up to 13,000 different types of lettuce, leafy greens, herbs, rooted vegetables, off the vine fruits and vegetables and even edible or non-edible flowers. Our SNtial Farms operate year-round, are climate controlled and resistant to whatever Mother Nature is doing on the outside.

SNtial Organics provides our SNtial Farm Management program to charitable organizations with the intent of selling what we grow in the container within your community and the charitable organization reaps the monthly financial benefits. There is no financial obligation towards your charitable organization. Instead we work with your corporate donors to sponsor the container farm. These corporate sponsors would have their company logo placed on both sides of the container, plus the packaging of the produce and on the event tents for when displaying our produce at farmers markets and other community events for a sponsorship period of 5-years.

In order to maximize your corporate donors’ visibility, we would place the container measuring 40’ by 8.5’, on your property in an area that allows for high visibility, ease of access for our SNtial Farmer and offers good access to electrical and water connections.

The biggest benefit to your organization is the consistent month over month net revenue, between $5000 and $10,000, that will be paid to your organization for a period of 5 years or more. The side benefits will be introducing to your community a 100% naturally grown produce that was grown in a controlled environment free of any risks of water contamination and without any use of herbicides, pesticides or toxic fertilizers. We are bringing to your community a product that promotes healthy eating lifestyles and in return the community is purchasing a product knowing that the proceeds of that sale are directly benefiting your organization.

We take care of everything for you on the back end. We work with your corporate supporters to identify which sponsor program best suits their needs and budget. We establish a marketing, sales and media channel within your community to get the word out to look for your corporately sponsored produce at local restaurants, grocery stores and farmers markets. We get the word out that by buying this product they are ensuring financial proceeds go to your organization to assist in the month to month operations of your organization and your products and services in the community. Our SNtial Farm Management program ensures the SNtial Farm is being properly maintained. We deploy one of our certified agriculture SNtial Farmers to ensure all crops grown are healthy and harvested according to the demands of the businesses and community.

If your organization has a hot meals program or provides food assistance, we will grow what you need for these programs.