A Brief Introduction to JC SOLAR

Company’s Structure

In February 2005 JC SOLAR was founded by Mr. Xiaozhong Li, our Chairman and CEO,
with a registered capital of 50,000,000 RMB.
The letters JC stand for JiaCheng which means honesty, integrity and beauty. That are those values which JC SOLAR stands for and was founded on. JC SOLAR is a hi-tech technology enterprise professionally engaged in research & development, production and application of solar energy products. We are committed to research & development and manufacture of products related to new energy technology as well as provision of reliable production services and global future energy solutions. Our main products are solar cells and solar panels, but we also offer solar systems for solar projects or international trading companies. JC SOLAR produces and exports mono solar modules (160 W-180 W; 230-240 W), poly solar modules (240-280 W) und mono solar cells (125 mm x 125 mm; our solar cells have an efficiency of 17% in average).  Our current annual module output lies by 80 MW, whereas the annual output of our mono solar cells lies by 40 MW.
JC SOLAR covers an area of about 90000 square meters (currently expanding) and has more than 300 employees who work in 2-shifts 24 hours every day in order to fulfill every customer’s quantity and quality demand.
We adopt international advanced professional equipment, and produce high quality standard solar modules through careful design, strict quality control system and perfect production process. All products are recognized by international authorities (TUV/IEC 61730, safety class II; CE; ISO 9001:2000 and UL).

JC SOLAR’s Goals

First at all JC SOLAR is determined to sell his products to the whole world at a low price almost everyone can afford. By this we are sure the people will be able to overcome the gap and lack of power and energy.
Secondly we are determined to create a green economy and life-style by using our clean energy.
Thirdly and last but not least we are determined to create economic benefits for factories, enterprises and real estates around the globe by reducing their energy and operating costs.

In JC corporate social responsibility has become one part of the operation strategy for developping sustainable growth.

We look forward to our cooperation.