Soma IT was founded in 2004 and is recognized as one of the most reliable and stable companies in its profession.

We at Soma IT have a wealth of knowledge spanning many areas of the information technology and communications industry. Our honest, no nonsense approach to your computer support needs ensures that you get the solution you need, on time and on budget.

Customers deciding to partner with Soma rely on the expertise gained by our staff from years of exposure in continually changing customer environments.  We offer in-house and remote management on all systems, networks and hardware. We are constantly progressing in this ultra-fast-moving world, so we can keep your company one step ahead of the competition.

Computer support related problems in business means "downtime" and loss of money. Whether you have in-house tech support or not, you can easily integrate our services with your existing support environment.

An IT Partner that is an extension of your business working together to build and achieve the best IT Strategy.

•     Your own IT department consisting of 20 engineers and growing.
•     A dedicated IT Manager ensuring a high level of personalized service.
•     A dedicated team of IT professionals governed by a Service Level Agreement ensuring a high level of service for ALL employees.

24 x 7 server monitoring to ensure maximum network up-time and business continuity.

A corporate approach to IT support for your organization ensuring a high level of business continuity.

•     Proactive support by a structured help desk using a disciplined approach including job ticketing and escalation points.
•     A high level of communication between the help desk and the end user.
•     A monthly report containing an overview of your IT infrastructure.

A local Gold Coast Company with a proven National reach.

The benefit of being supported by a Microsoft Certified Partner.

Over 150 years of collective IT experience.

Supported by an ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System certified company.