Somatix is a provider of a leading real-time wearable gesture detection-assisted RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) platform for cost-effective healthcare and wellbeing enhancement.
The healthcare market is growing and its associated costs are constantly on the rise due to an increase in population size and lifespan, a major surge in medical research, and ongoing diversification of healthcare services. Healthcare-related organizations are charged with the complex task of keeping expenses down without compromising care quality.
To do so, they must shift from reactive curing to proactive real-time care – a shift representing both opportunity and challenge. The opportunity lies in the technology – wearable devices that can continuously track people’s health and wellbeing. The challenge is being able to process, analyze and precisely interpret immense volumes of aggregated tracking data, to deliver actionable insights for health improvement.
It is exactly this challenge that Somatix’s real-time gesture detection RPM platform addresses.

The Somatix software platform utilizes sensors built into smartwatches, smartbands and connected IoT devices to track, filter and examine massive volumes of gesture data in real time.
It is the first offering of its kind capable of completely passively detecting physical and emotional indicators – no manual data logging required. The platform employs cloud-based machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities to ensure precision recognition, and supports

real-time alerting on detection of undesired symptoms or behavior patterns.
Somatix additionally enables delivery of variable combinations of personalized CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) messages, contributing to increased adherence with prescribed treatment objectives.
The Somatix platform ultimately allows organizations to remotely observe, maintain continuous bi-directional contact with, and improve the wellbeing of those under their care.