Since 1992, the original SOS® - Siren-Operated Sensor has provided electronic gate access systems used for fast and secure emergency access to:
•     Residential homes
•     Home Owner Associations
•     Government    
•     Commercial Property
•     Healthcare
•     Military Facilities    
•     Apartment Buildings
•     Airports
•     Parking Garages

SOS opening devices are America’s most widely used emergency gate access systems and are used throughout the Americas and Europe. If a Gate, Door, Parking Arm, Barrier, Electronic Lock, or Roll-Up Door needs to open for emergency responders – the SOS – Siren-Operated Sensor
is a proven sensing and opening device. Once the "Yelp" siren has been recognized, a signal is sent to open the gate.

The SOS is the most cost-effective way for emergency responders to access a gated home, business, or public facility without stopping or leaving their vehicle to enter a code or to use a key. SOS Emergency Access Systems are now mandatory in many communities throughout
the world due to the reliability and ease of use. With an SOS activated gate; critical time is saved in reaching an emergency event.

For more information go to:
- sosgate.com
- Call: 208-734-0467
- Email: sos@sosgate.com.