A free app to the general public, the MVP will showcase how to use the app in 3 simple steps:

1.     The users will be able to PIN addresses of their interest (kids school, spouses work, primary residence, your parents home etc.)

User can then select ALERTS from a variety of threats such as natural weather (ice storms, wind storms, tornadoes, snow storms etc.) and man created threats (terrorist activities, bombing, shooting, stabbing,  etc.)  A 2 km radius security ring will be established around the pinned address and if any threats occur the user will be alerted. Research shows even a second of a warning can help prevent catastrophe.

The app will MONITOR their zones and provide, updates & strategic solutions (i.e possible routes to take to leave the threatened zone also, routes to hospitals, police stations, fire stations etc.) Users in the area will be warned not to enter danger zones.