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Built for Summer, Built for Sound:
Luxurious, Tech-Enabled SOUNDFLOAT Launches on Kickstarter now!

New York, NY. -- Listen to music. Make a call. Watch just one more episode of your favorite show--and do it from the middle of the ocean. SoundFloat blends cutting-edge technology with luxury design to create the ultimate oasis in and out of the water. And SoundFloat launches on Kickstarter now  

SoundFloat is the tech-enabled luxury air lounge that fits your lifestyle, whether you’re a weekend adventurer, a pool partier, or a lazy Sunday afternoon-er.  SoundFloat is a comfortable, durable air lounge that’s just as useful and playful in and out of the water. Outfitted with powerful Bluetooth technology and speakers, you can access your favorite playlists, podcasts, and television shows no matter where you’re relaxing. Charge your devices, make hands-free calls, and more--SoundFloat is a high-design, low-maintenance portable oasis you can bring wherever Summer takes you.

The SoundFloat “early bird special” starts at $225, and buys a float, quick inflate device, and a carry-all bag. Even better? By supporting the project today, you are guaranteed to receive the SoundFloat by late June.  Kick start your summer off right!

FEATURES INCLUDE:  A Waterproof, High-End Sound System: The Bluetooth enabled SOUNDFLOAT comes equipped with 20 watt speakers and powerful, 70mm embedded subwoofers, giving you premium sound quality on the water.  Include a full-power playtime of 12 hours (more than most iPods) and a 100-foot range of reception.

Protection for Your Devices: The SoundFloat’s unique design protects its speakers, power pack, and Bluetooth, but it also comes with a triple-sealed, touch-sensitive, water/sun proof pouch for protecting any smart device you bring into the water with you.

Luxury Design That’s Built to Last: Air-pocket technology helps SoundFloat feel like floating on a pillow, and its puncture resistant PVC material protects it from damage.  Our float can take up to 300 lbs of weight cannon-balling directly on top of it without tearing.

A Removable Battery That Doubles as a Power Bank: Our battery can be removed to charge any device you have separately, making it a mobile power bank for when you need the extra juice.  

“After developing SOUNDFLOAT, we found it to be much more than a pool float, rather an air lounge that travels with you," explains Soundfloat founder Leon Azar.

The SoundFloat launched on Kickstarter this week with a $40,000 dollar goal to help fund the first wave of production. Thanks to a team with over fifty combined years of experience, and a ready manufacturing plant, backers of the project will receive their colorful, cutting-edge SoundFloat in late June 2017.

Visit SoundFloat's Kickstarter page today (http://kck.st/2pMcrUx) to see our VIDEO, BACK the project, PRE-ORDER the air lounge, MEET the creators, and learn more about the techy, travel-friendly SOUNDFLOAT.

Spika International was founded with the goal of using smart design to solve problems, create convenience, and enhance people’s everyday experiences.

Visit Spika’s SOUNDFLOAT online at Instagram.com/sound.float; Facebook.com/soundfloat or at www.soundfloats.com                                                              
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