The all-new SP4Dlrs from DMS Select goes beyond traditional record management and archiving technology; it is a complete cloud-based document management platform, specifically designed for dealers. The platform not only has the capability to convert documents to digital format, but it also includes complete security, backup, and encryption.
As a true platform, it is not limited to just archiving documents. It also allows Dealers to manage, organize, and share virtually any type of file which passes through their business.
“We’ve taken a page out of Microsoft’s new Viva Communications concept and applied it to the Dealership environment.” stated founder and SharePoint developer Tom Edwards.  “This has been accomplished using SharePoint Team Sites. Unfortunately, SharePoint’s limitless flexibility, which is one of its greatest assets, is also one of its greatest shortcomings.”  SP4Dlrs addresses that challenge by delivering Dealership-ready departments, libraries, folders, and security levels through its MarketPlace.
“Today we need a higher degree of flexibility than in the past.” Edwards continued. “The ability to access and share information securely from anywhere and be able to work collaboratively from anywhere takes on new significance. It could be as simple as sharing the latest Tech Bulletins with a warranty clerk, or as focused as discussing the financial statement with the management team.”
SP4Dlrs provides a modern user-friendly experience ending the reliance on legacy Dealer Management System integration. OCR technology enables the platform to create fully searchable documents, rather than being limited to keyword searches.
The Microsoft integrated partnerships have benefitted SP4Dlrs development, increasing simplicity, efficiency, support, and security by using their capabilities. As a result, a backup solution beyond SharePoint was able to be offered that included email, email attachments, online accounts such as OneDrive and My Drive, and streamlined security monitoring.
SP4Dlrs is ready for beta dealerships interested in moving Document Management to the next level.  Dealerships can go to SP4Dlrs.com for more information.

About DMS Select
DMS Select, founded by Dealership consultant Tom Edwards, is dedicated to bridging the gap between Dealer Management Systems and how the rest of the business world operates.
Over the past 25 years, he has gained extensive automotive experience in various capacities, including five years at a dealership, speaking at NADA, AICPA, and OEM conferences, and working closely with dealers across the country, providing invaluable insight into dealer needs.
During his lengthy tenure as Consultant, National Sales Manager and Product Manager for ACS/Dominion DMS, Edwards developed a track record of innovative, budget-conscious thinking.