Founded in 1989, with headquarters located in Dubai and regional offices in Lebanon, Qatar, & Saudi Arabia, SPAN-Group is the leading provider of total integrated supply chain solutions to companies operating in the Middle East. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients by providing them with innovative solutions, comprised of knowledge, technology, equipment, and training, that deliver real benefits to their operations and bottom lines.

Since our inception, we have worked with over 2,000 clients in numerous industries including third-party logistics (3PL); wholesale and retail grocery; automotive parts distribution; consumer electronics assembly and distribution; fast moving consumer goods (FMCG & CPG) distribution; as well as with the government and military sectors.

SPANs portfolio of solutions provides its customers with a rapid return on their investment and ensures optimized utilization of their assets including people, equipment, and space. Our team of supply chain professionals has implemented and supported our solutions across a wide spectrum of industry sectors ranging from Fortune 500 companies to local tier three entities. All the way, we have kept the same goal in mind: achieving tangible benefits for our customers.

By continuously adopting innovative solutions and building one of the most competent delivery teams, SPAN-Group has been able to maintain its position as the leading provider of total integrated supply chain solutions in the Middle East. This approach has assisted our customers in achieving their goals of delivering world-class service level at the lowest operating costs possible.  Span-Group, through providing solutions that cater for all the facets within the supply network, has provided our customers with a “one-stop shop”.  The Group offers the following solutions for warehousing, supply chain and office furnishing:

SPAN Warehouse Solutions (WS) integrates a complete range of storage and material handling systems that improve productivity and space utilization while reducing labour and inventory costs. It also provides design and engineering services for warehouses and distribution centres.

SPAN Office Solutions (OS) provides turnkey solutions for archiving and document storage solutions as well as office design and space planning. OS also offers a wide range of contemporary and ergonomic office furniture, partitions, industrial furniture in addition to floor, wall, window, and ceiling treatments.

SPAN Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) provides IT solutions as well as consulting and integration services that touch all aspects of the supply chain, including demand planning, route planning, transportation and warehousing systems.