SONFIRE ALMANACS LLC is a business out of Spiro Oklahoma. SONFIRE ALMANACS LLC has been in business since November of 2017.
Wayne Adams studied meteorology at the University of Kansas and graduated at Haskell Indian Nations University in 2009 with studies in Liberal Arts and Meteorology with a 3.45 G.P.A.. Wayne is currently taking classes in Python. Also, Wayne is attending Unity College for a degree in Environmental Science Climate Change 3.78 G.P.A. The desktop and Ipad compatible apps were developed by Wayne Adams through his college years of education. The statistical model was formed after taking statistics at Unity College. Also, his education online computer coding language bootcamp of Colt Steele helped in the development. Wayne was essential in the development of the first SONFIRE WINTER ALMANAC for mobile phones in 2017 that went on sale at Google Play. He also played an enormous part in the development of the WALT Tornado Model that was as well sold on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Wayne has been a published artist with Barnes and Noble. The new Statistics operational tornado model has hit three tornado outbreaks in 2021. It has also forecast one tornadic storm to the street in Waldron Arkansas April 7, 2021. Wayne was able to get to the location (sit and wait)and film the funnel before a tornado warning (before the storm formed) was issued.