SPHP, the Society for the Protection of the Health of Patients, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to Protect the Health of PatientsĀ© by providing information, education, and an open dialog with patients, caregivers, and others who believe that knowledge is power and transparency is key.  Our goal is to enable individuals to better understand their rights and improve their ability to communicate their needs and concerns with medical care providers.  At SPHP, our focus is about helping others, making a difference and protecting patients. SPHP strives to help patients receive appropriate care in a timely manner to improve their safety and protect their health within what often can be an extremely confusing and complicated health care system. Join us and together we can use our collective talents to create and gain access to meaningful, actionable healthcare data, to drive the change needed to correct the flaws in our healthcare system, and to Protect the Health of PatientsĀ©, from birth to end-of-life.