Currently the Westside Studios shooting documentary film in Vienna, Austria. The description of the movie is right here.
The documentary supports and illustrates a popular claim that Vienna, the Austrian capital, has been playing a role of a true world spy capital for the last hundred years and more. The script covers the period from 1910 starting with the (in)famous espionage case of Colonel Alfred Redl, who rose to head the counterintelligence department of the General Staff of the Austro-Hungarian Army at the same time being a ‘mole’ spying for the Russians. When uncovered, Redl committed suicide in May 1913. The film ends with the 2010 exchange in the Vienna International airport of the group of ten Russian agents who had operated in the United States to four Western intelligence assets imprisoned in Russia, including Colonel Sergey Skripal, a double agent who had worked for both the Russian military intelligence and the British Secret Service (SIS or MI6). Nine spy episodes are presented in the film.