SSCS Lifting, Great Yarmouth inspects tests and certifies lifting equipment as well as manufacturing, servicing, and supplying all types of lifting gear.
SSCS Lifting is committed to the supply of complete lifting equipment and lifting accessories by both HIRE and by SALE and we have probably the largest capability in East Anglia and also for the Offshore Oil & Gas industry in the Southern North Sea.
SSCS Lifting manufactures their range of Ratchet Systems, Lashings and Cargo Restraint Systems from the finest quality, high tenacity polyester webbing with excellent abrasion resistance to comply with the European Community Machinery Directive. Systems are available in varying lengths with a choice of end fittings. Characteristically light weight and flexible, each lashing is quickly secured by a single operator, requiring very little effort or exertion.
As members of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) we work to the LEEA Procedures and to BS EN ISO 9001.