The STARSHINE Effect: Growing K-12 Schools

Imagine if you could grow the world's best schools where they've never been grown before. Sow them like seeds through the countryside, into the cities, and across the planet. At Starshine Academy, that's not just our dream, it's our mission.

StarShine Academy creates transformational community schools by igniting and enabling the aspirations of children in at-risk communities. We are dedicated to helping every child find their talent and grow into a peaceful, productive, and successful person. Honored by the United Nations and educational leaders, StarShine is a model for a new generation of small community schools.

Our Approach

StarShine believes that a holistic approach to education is the best way to educate a child and ultimately improve the world. We focus on mind, body, spirit, health, wealth, and happiness. The world will be saved by growing the unique talents of every child. Our teachers support emerging talents with inspiration, admiration and encouragement. By focusing in on a child’s uniqueness, we can individualize this holistic approach for maximum results.

StarShine helps students, teachers, and volunteers find and grow their highest and best use. Everyone can and must make a unique contribution. StarShine believes that when individuals are supported and their unique abilities celebrated, they become more respectful of others' unique abilities. They begin to recognize that the world is a big place, full of possibilities, as well as responsibilities. The seed of greatness that is born in every person, when nurtured and explored, creates an enthusiasm for living which causes each person to search, find, and live their destiny. Abilities and desires are unique, just like fingerprints. When a person is supported to explore these unique abilities they become excited about their own future. Our world benefits from this excitement in every area.

StarShine uses a diverse approach to inspire and educate children.