STATIC Solutions was founded for a specific purpose:  as a response to a requests to revamp the entire educational program for students grades six to eight.  The Company has evolved into a multifaceted organization with the overriding mission of getting kids to own their faith.  Rather than a painful topic pushed on to them by their parents, STATIC Solutions -style programming inspires kids to learn on their own.  Consequently, students have fun and look forward to the activity-intensive environment that STATIC Solutions curriculum creates.  


Education:  STATIC Solutions will employ several methods of delivering the material to its partners, ranging from traditional bound books to state of the art and innovative electronic delivery.

Each method best serves the needs of our partners, and to help control the cost of delivering the material.

STATIC Solutions will also be innovative in developing new methods of delivery and implementation to help meet the needs of the local community as well as the global community.  The Company will offer educational materials in the form of print, downloadable documents, and through live and web-based instruction.  

With the goal of helping each child in the process of “Becoming,” the STATIC Solutions way of learning involves creatively engaging youth in topics, thereby fostering a creative environment where they feel safe to express ideas and opinions, allowing them to grow in their faith.  The current process of education involves stagnant educational models leaving children disenfranchised from their faith development process.  The STATIC Solutions way allows the child to “Become,” which uses his or her own developmental processes to engage in questions, comments, and concerns thereby leading to a deeper faith.

Partner Support and Certification:  STATIC Solutions will also offer certification and support to its partners.  The Company will provide all subscribers with a basic level of support, which entails an initial phone interview to help determine the best method of delivery, as well as web-based training and as-needed phone support. Additional support can be purchased, such as an on site evaluation and training, implementation of programming, or general support.  STATIC Solutions will also offer the ability for churches and organizations to outsource their educational needs to the Company.  STATIC Solutions would then take over the daily operation and delivery of the educational model.  

STATIC Solutions will also offer a certification program for the educators and administrators of the program. This certification program would be built around the STATIC model of programming and delivery.  Participants would gain competencies in the different delivery methods and in educational methods along with a strong theology background.  The company will offer the certification in the different delivery methods listed above, which requires an on-site visit and review.

The STATIC Program

The STATIC Program is an innovative 3 year confirmation program designed to give the students ownership of their faith. Each topic is delivered in 5 interactive lessons designed to engage the youth in the learning process.

Although we have created a learning path, the program can be customized to your learning needs. Each topic can stand on its own and is an excellent resource for your existing program, or even used for youth based RCIA programs.

The journals are suitable for use with youth and adults, and each one tackles a different aspects of our faith. The service books will walk anyone who is need of Christian service through the discernment, action and creativity process of service. This program is suitable for all age groups and can be used as a standalone or class room lead program.

With the large group activity book you will be able to create fun and interactive learning for the whole student body. STATIC was designed as an alternating program, with the sessions alternating between small group and large group activities. Each session, small or large group, is designed to teach important concepts of our faith.

The line between the class room and youth group becomes blurred when using the STATIC formation process. As we like to say at STATIC, we do not catechize, we STATICIZE .