Sterling Canyon created a new online retail experience back in 2007 with a commitment to selling only Sterling and Fine Silver jewelry, some with gemstones, some without, to enhance the beauty of anyone who wears them.  All Sterling Canyon jewelry is designed and handcrafted in only a few places on this Earth.  Those being the United States, Europe especially Italy, by designers Alisa and Baroni.  Shop Sterling Canyon for the fantastic designs by Thistle and Bee, and other designers throughout the United States and Europe.  The quality and designs are unparalleled.  If we don't have the item you chose in stock, we will make an effort to locate one from a competitor. It is everything we represent.

This carries through to our customer service and corporate policy regarding the environment.  Our concern with the environment begins with learning where and how our gemstones are extracted from the earth. We believe that opinions matter, either good or bad, regarding the conditions created when extracting the raw gems from the earth. If necessary, actions may be required which may cause a change in the availability of some gemstones. Please read our blog at sterlingcanyon.wordpress.com

When you order from Sterling Canyon, the package you receive will be packed with an earth friendly packing material protecting your jewelry. Please recycle this material as well as the box it came in. You can take pride in the jewelry you receive from Sterling Canyon as well as the earth from which it all came from.