SolderingTech Electronics INC (STE) specializes in soft lead soldering and is headquartered in Wilmington, DE with corporate offices, R&D labs, and production facilities in USA, Australia, Hong Kong and mainland China. Our innovative products and services are offered:

Soldering Tips Products

The Company designs and manufactures innovative soldering tips for a variety of applications ranging from industrial soldering robot, hand soldering of electronical PCB manufacture and solar modules soldering assembly. As lead-free solder and process makes the tips lifetime shorter, and production cost consumed higher, there is typically an increased demand to dissipate excess soldering more efficiently. We have been committed to the development and application of the new tip technology. The company's uniquely positioned is to meet the lead-free soldering, our products’ advantage is still keeping the heating conductive efficient, the long life and customers’ cost saving.

Our tips meet RoHS and Anti-halogen, the primary markets include:
•     Industrial soldering robot
•     Hand soldering of electronical manufactures
•     Solar manufactures
•     Customized service

Soldering/Desoldering Consulting Services

Our international team of many years experienced scientists and engineers provide soldering&desoldering challenges faced by a variety of industries. Projects range from solar modules low temperature soldering, mini electronical components soldering, high temperature soldering of big pads and chip rework of PCB board, and the fume extraction systems solution for the soldering and rework generated smoke etc. Our expertise in soldering dynamics enables us to deliver solutions that help achieve maximum soldering efficiencies which ultimately reduces soldering defaults, minimizes environmental impacts, and contributes to a more positive industry standard.

Primary markets for our soldering/desoldering consulting services include:
•     Micro-electronic components manufactures
•     Hearing aids and other medical equipment manufactures
•     Cell phones and other mobile communication terminal manufactures
•     Solar cell manufactures
•     Clean room and laboratory clean engineering

    “Professional We are, and We are Promoting High Performance!”

For more information, you can visit our site: www.stelectron.com  or email to: info@stelectron.com