Strategic Technology Group (STG) designs, develops and manufactures brushless permanent magnet motors and motor drives for customer specific applications. STG offers comprehensive analysis of motors, motion control and drive products and systems. STG helps customers with optimal selection, sizing and configuration of Motion Control Systems.STG has developed critical understanding and published on a wide range of Permanent Magnet Motors, Motor Control, Motor Drives, High Frequency Electromagnetic Components, Electric Vehicles and Switch Mode Power Systems. STG’s staff has co-authored over 30 publications in various refereed journals and conference proceedings and filed for several issued or pending US patents.STG has significant skills in the field of Motor, Mechanical, Power Electronics, Analog and Digital Electronics, Software, Test, and Manufacturing Engineering and System Simulation, Design and Integration.STG has successfully delivered Permanent Magnet motors, motor drives and battery management systems in the areas of Electric Vehicles, Electric Bicycles, Electric Scooters, Power Wheelchairs and Washing Machines. STG has in-depth understanding of the requirements for consumer, medical, automotive and industrial systems.STG ‘s staff has extensively pursued technology beyond the traditional three-phase motors by engaging in the design of seven and five-phase radial as well as axial flux permanent magnet brushless motors.STG is head-quartered in the metro Washington DC area with significant research, development and manufacturing capability in the areas of permanent magnet brushless motors, motor control and motor drive systems. Currently, STG has offices in the US, UK and India.