We are a small - but growing - group of Los Angeles constituents opposing ‘pedmania’ on our commercial thoroughfares. Too much foot traffic is bad for the environment. More pedestrians means less oxygen, more congestion, and a risk of heat stroke and dehydration in this year-round climate. At the same time, we fully endorse shopping where it is intended - in shops. We propose a three-pronged solution to this problem: Drive, Bike or Roll. In commercial districts, traversion is best facilitated by car, bike (manual or motorized) or scooter (manual, motorized or Segway-style). Spend all the time you like inside the stores - just make it quick coming and going. Our charter underscores our commitment "the overall health, both fiscal and physical, of the community.” Ultimately, we are a motorized town, and we embrace the old adage, ‘Who walks in LA?’