STYLEMYLIFE is a company that embodies an unique and innovative idea, bringing the Quality Design to the foreground thanks to its formula of contests for companies seeking for new design ideas and products. STYLEMYLIFE offers its community of designers structured ad hoc competitions on behalf of its partner companies. Sponsoring companies share with STYLEMYLIFE their creative needs and STYLEMYLIFE structures a special announcement, on which the designer can work in harmony with the culture of the client.
This model allows companies to respond to market needs in the necessary time, being able to evaluate a number of quality ideas otherwise inaccessible.

STYLEMYLIFE is responsible for the management and organization of the complete process of the competition, from the publication of the contest to its conclusion.
STYLEMYLIFE supports the companies in identifying their needs for creative projects and follows them until the final selection of the winner made by the jury, providing also legal advice.

Competition, monetary prize, legal advice, industrial commitment, high visibility are some of the distinctive elements of this first mover in the field of design competitions that in just two years of activity shows interesting facts: a community of more than 700 designers, 180 submitted projects to the companies of which 80 are published, out of a total of 350 received.

For more information www.stylemylife.it