Boston Therapeutics, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company focused on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of novel compounds to address unmet medical needs in the areas of diabetes and inflammatory diseases. The Company's products are based on the platform of applied complex carbohydrate drug design in pharmaceutical and over-the-counter products.

The company has submitted structure and function claims for its first consumer product trademarked SUGARDOWN™. Those concerned about high blood sugar and carbohydrate intake may find SUGARDOWN™ an effective dietary supplement.
All components of SUGARDOWN™ are GRAS certified (Generally Regarded As Safe), and SUGARDOWN™ is registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Company founders have extensive expertise in complex carbohydrate chemistry, manufacturing, regulatory and clinical development, with multiple submissions and approvals to U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency. The founders also provide over 50 years of combined expertise in public and private business entities management, banking, marketing and sales.