Sutraa - The word is derived from Sanskrit which connotes to sew. With this concept in mind we try to bridge the distance between connoisseurs of fashion and leading designers throughout country.

SUTRAA: The Indian Fashion Exhibition which is benchmark in luxury exhibitions recently completed its twelve successive years in March. It was launched in JUNE 2011 with its first edition in KOLKATA from the passion and creative spirit of two young Entrepreneurs, Monika Menghani & Umesh Madhyan following their dreams to transform the world of exhibition into a spirit of life through elegant designs and trendy products bringing from the most sophisticated designers of all over India, their stunning creations are always a tribute to this platform.

Sutraa is a reputed and trusted fashion exhibition brand in Indian market. Our primary goal is to bring everyone in a single platform by promoting and creating international awareness of the Garments industry (both retailers and manufacturers), Artificial Jewellery & Beauty & well-ness sector in Indian and overseas markets and to facilitate dissemination of knowledge of Indian products and services. Towards this objective, Sutraa works closely with stakeholders, manufacturers across government and industry.