SYNE-30 Corporate Wellness & Fitness Program serves a purpose for both business employers and employees while putting those with fitness certifications back to work.  The goal is to provide businesses with the option to incorporate a health program without use of company manpower and additional overhead costs.  Employees will (optionally) pay less than 50% of what they would normally spend on health club fees aiding in keeping health care costs down, while getting and staying in shape, and being rewarded for participation.

As businesses begin to utilize health technology via company websites and external online services, SYNE-30 will expand its health courses in 2012 for individuals unable to attend in-house classes.  Employees claim traditional exercise is a conventional method and agree it is easier when someone is actually providing in-person support and demonstrating how to correctly execute an exercise.  However, the online method allows those with a strong desire to benefit from the program just as effectively with an equal amount of dedication.  For more information on services and upcoming announcements visit www.syne-30.com.  

Headquartered in Stockton, California SYNE-30 provides Corporate Wellness & Fitness programs to companies throughout Northern California.  The mission is to provide a comprehensive and inclusive in-person and online program to employees desiring to lead a happier and healthier life resulting in increased workplace productivity, long lasting companies, and lower health care rates.