iTech Workshop is a Bangalore, India based company providing a variety of products, solutions and
services for the healthcare industry. Our capabilities include HIPAA, X12N, Healthcare Form based
processing, Direct Payer connectivity, Electronic Claims processing, Medical Billing and Claims life cycle management.

With over 120 years of cumulative IT experience and years of intensive research and development
experience in the Healthcare domain, the professionals at iTech Workshop strive to deliver quality products and solutions on schedule and at optimal cost.

Our expEDIum Product Suite includes several transformation adapters, desktop form based claim
scrubbers, direct payer connectivity solution, web based claims processing solution and web based medical billing solution.

Our expEDIum Services include building healthcare solutions that are architected around our expEDIum Suite of products and building custom/be-spoke healthcare "pure play" applications.

iTech's clients include Billing Service Bureaus, Clearinghouses, Healthcare Solution Providers, Software Vendors, Hospitals, Clinics, Consultants and Healthcare BPOs. Our adapters are used to create X12N data compatible with a variety of payers and clearinghouses across the USA and to process thousands of healthcare claims each day.

You can request for an evaluation copy of our products or for a remote demo/flash demo of our solutions. Please browse our website to determine what more we can do for you.