Saankhya Labs is a fabless semiconductor company providing innovative semiconductor solutions to consumer electronics, wireless communication and other emerging markets. Saankhya is recognized as one of the “Silicon 60 hot start-ups to watch” by EE Times. Powered by an award-winning software defined radio (SDR) technology, Saankhya’s programmable baseband communication ICs (SL100x, SL900x) and modules are used in a wide range of communication applications, including low-bit rate satellite receivers, satellite modems, TV White space base station and Customer premises Equipment (CPE) modems, UHF/VHF modems, Tablet TV receivers, Set-top boxes, TV transmitters and cognitive radios.

Saankhya Labs SDR chipsets enable feature upgrade, performance improvement and potentially support emerging standards by simple firmware upgrade. It also helps to debug and fix any field issues without the need to recall the product back to factory, saving precious time and cost.

SL100x and SL900x chips are in production with customers using it in Terrestrial TV receivers, TVWS modems, Satellite receivers and Video distribution. Saankhya works closely with industry partners to optimize baseband solutions and deliver complete solutions to customers for rapid deployment.

Founded in 2007, the company has a strong team of over 50 engineers with full life cycle electronic product design, data communications, digital signal processing, chip design, system design and embedded software expertise.