In February 2006 Yitran IT800 was selected as the international HomePlug Alliance Command and Control PLC based technology. Later that year, Yitran was chosen as the chip provider for Endesa (the biggest power utility in Spain) Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) project, which includes 11 million chips in Spain and another 11 million in South America.

Yitran has formed several strategic partnerships with worldwide leading companies. Examples include:

Collaboration with Microsoft to implement Microsoft SCP (Simple Control Protocol) over Yitran’s IT800 PLC modem in a single chip (IT800SCP).
Renesas (merger of the Mitsubishi SC and Hitachi SC) has licensed Yitran’s technology and offers compatible devices.
Yitran and PLANET Systems, a leading provider of PLC systems in Korea and a member of the Korean PLC forum, have successfully co-developed a PLC solution for the Korean market and specifically for LG Electronics (in 10 different white goods appliances).
A partnership with Matsushita Electric Works (MEW) and the Kansai Electric Power Company (LineCom) and a partnership with Kinden Corporation, Macnica Inc. and Alps Electric Co (Preminet).

Yitran is firmly positioned as a command and control technology provider and is ready to face the future challenges of this market.  (Note: Yitran’s products complement Zigbee.)