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Welcome to Savvy Glass where your inner decorator and art connoisseur uncork!

Your home and every wall and window in it is a blank canvas that ultimately reflects your personality. Your home is a curio of glass and stained-glass art images and home décor that portray your passions, interests, beliefs, hopes and dreams.

Savvy Glass has a caringly curated glass and stained-glass art and home décor selection of exceptional quality and price point to please even the most discerning art critic.

Though we strive to impress and satisfy your inner artist with our inventory, we are here to assist you in locating that perfect work of glass or stained-glass art or home décor for your home. So, let us know, using our Contact Us tab, your preferred artist or category, size, price range, and delivery date. If it’s out there, we will procure it for you!

Why Shop Savvy Glass?

Shopping should be an adventure, education and fabulous experience!

That’s why we make every effort to bring you the best quality and most extraordinary glass art and provide researched product information. Expect nothing but exceptional customer service! Our gallery is an exploratory and discovery experience that bears repeating because we update our artsy finds, just for you, daily. Take a peek at what's in store...

Shopping should be personal and profitable.

It is our mission not only to get to know you but help determine and pursue your passions and enthusiasms. Our relationship helps us caringly curate a gallery that piques your interest and provides customized inventory and procurement. Our glass art and home décor have enduring quality and value for your enjoyment, home’s adornment, and other’s envy. Plus, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Shopping should benefit so many others.

We donate a portion of our profits to The National Gallery of Art and its attached Sculpture Garden located in Washington, D.C. This gallery requires no admission charge. So, all the museum’s artwork, as well as individual programs, are provided through private donations and funds. Savvy Glass donations go directly to the museum’s fabulous art education programs.

We also support The Homeless Pet Foundation, which is where our mascots Sadie Boo and Captain Crook were discovered. Pets and art bring such joy, entertainment, and light into our lives! Miss Sadie inspired our umbrella company, Sadie BOOtiques, LLC D/B/A Savvy Glass.

Please be sure to review all our policies including shipping and returns, terms and conditions, and privacy policy as these govern your visit to our boutique at savvyglass.com.

Explore artsy finds, just for you!

Media Contact:
Ann E. Raach
Curator, Savvy Glass