Fine art photographer Shannon Sadulsky is often mistaken for a painter. Even though she has explored painting as well as many other mediums, the look and feel of the impressionistic and abstract styles that she is influenced by show strongly in her chosen medium of photography. She has used photography to create fine art for 30 years. “Creating an illusion is really what motivates me. Water and clouds created out of unusual objects or abstract pieces created out of the ordinary images. I wouldn’t be satisfied by just photographing the world around me. I need more of a creating process. I need to manipulate my subject.” A good example is a recent series called ‘Under the Microscope’ where she created abstract images out of simple elements such as water, oil, and Cool-aid for coloring. “Trying something new is the best part of creating my art. I just want the viewer to experience a unique piece of art. A unique piece of photography. A piece doesn’t always start with a meaning or motive for me. Just a general idea. The process of creating is where all that happens for me. I really want to do justice to the practice of using photography in a way that rivals the painting as fine art. Thank you Alfred Stieglitz!”
Shannon attended Parsons School of Design and her background is in commercial photography, photo styling/ assisting and textile design.