We at Sajix are continuously working to bring innovative products to healthcare industry by understanding our customers' needs one step ahead of our competitors. Sajix identifies our customers' needs and offer solutions ranging from a single individual physician to large hospitals. Sajix Corporation recognized the need of integrated healthcare software system including Electronic Medical Record as well as Practice Management  and we are in a position to deliver the need of healthcare through our innovative software platform.  

Sajix Inc (ISO 9001:2000 certified), a California based Company is provider of web based integrated healthcare platform ("iHelix") offers (1) Practice Management (2) Electronic Medical record  (3) Revenue cycle management  (4) Other front office and back office process automation (5) Hospital Information System.

We offer both license and Software-as-a-service model based on the customer choice. Our implementation time and cost is significantly less as our platform is highly configurable and can adapt to any kind of healthcare specialty delivery model.  

iHelix on Demand:  iHelix relieves the clients from burden of hardware and software replacement or up gradation costs. Customers can just a pay per user fee and start using iHelix from our own high end secure servers leaving the maintenance and upgrades at Sajix.

iHelix on Premises: Sajix implements iHelix at the customer data center offering the flexibility to run it on any relational database and giving full control of  data to customers and to generate additional reports. Sajix also provides iHelix license to the customers, user support and maintenance.

iHelix lite: iHelix lite is designed  in accordance to the customers who works offline. iHelix lite provides solution for the mobile healthcare. Customers can save their daily work on their system and can later save it to the central server.

iHelix Services: Sajix iHelix services provides an integrated service model where organization can outsource their certain healthcare operation to Sajix. Sajix high end technology combined with their highly  experience staff provides cost effective and accurate business operation to our customers.

We would like to request for a follow up call and demo of our product at your convenient time.

For more information contact sales@sajix.com at 925-218-7370 or visit our website at http://www.sajix.com/.