Salesmate is designed in an intuitive way that helps users in tapping the valuable data related to sales and customers at any time, from any place and by using any device. The intuitive interface, integrated communication, cross platform presence and real-time sales intelligence data help the users in leveraging visibility into the sales pipeline and help in a better sales forecast.

With the an impressive Salesmate chrome extension and powerful mobile app, your sales team is not bound to the confines of office infrastructure and can access the important data, schedule sales call and field visits without worrying about the paper work anymore, all the necessary information is on your fingertips.

With Salesmate, connecting with over 300 apps that can help you in carrying out your daily sales process is really feasible. You can easily set up Salesmate and synchronize your Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange or Google account into this smart CRM system.

Get detailed reports about your sales team’s’ performance or pull up individual reports with Salesmate with better insights that range from time spent on doing a task or duration a lead took to get converted into a customer. You can do much more with this aesthetically appealing and intuitive CRM.

Make More Use Of the Enhanced Reporting

Any organization that invests their efforts in various cumbersome sales activities wants to know one thing and that is whether their efforts are reaping any kind of benefit or not. Salesmate’s various reporting features make it “the” must have system.

Email templates are provided by many CRM system, but Salesmate has gone one step ahead and provided the ‘Email Template Usage Analytics’ which helps you in understanding the psyche of the lead and the customer based on the open rate of email with certain templates.

Activity insight is another such reporting tool that helps you in measuring the time taken by your sales reps in completing any given task be it a sales call or wrapping up a meeting.

The dashboard has the full pipeline view which gives you the live report regarding the status of the lead as per their current stage.


The aesthetics of Salesmate CRM facilitate the user to customize the whole look and feel of the system. With Salesmate you can manage the column, the form layout and the deal stages. Based on the industry preferences, the freedom of customizing your CRM system means that Salesmate is not restricted to be adopted by single industry.

It is the personal sales manager that you can use to keep tab on your customer, lead, contact, activities and much more. And a customizable setup comes in handy in managing all these modules when you are dealing with numerous customers.

Close Deals Swiftly

The task of closing a deal just doesn’t end with clicking the “Add Deal” button. It needs to go through all the deal stages and end the sales cycle with a proper closure of the prospect, which means that a new customer has been added to your contact list.

With Salesmate you can swiftly plan meetings and schedule appointments in calendar. You will have the status of the deals in the dashboard which helps you to know the duration it has stayed there. You can develop a proper plan of action depending on the stages the various deals and prioritize what steps should be taken to close them.

Set Smart Sales Goals

With Salesmate’s intelligent predictive algorithm, you gain useful insight into the entire sales cycle. The actionable data collected inside the system assists you in taking well informed actions while allocating your resources towards the sales process.

Salesmate CRM system helps you in forecasting your next steps based on the 360 view of the customer behavior. With the email tracking features you can prepare your next marketing campaigns and make your email content more appealing, ensuring better open rate.

Smart Workflow Management

Time is important for sales reps and Salesmate understands this aspect of a sales person’s daily schedule. With Salesmate’s workflow management you can easily automate some of the basic yet important tasks and add to the productivity of the team. Once a contact gets created in the database a welcome email based on the workflow selected by you will get sent to them. The system can also schedule a follow-up call (activity)to one of your sales representative, based on the workflow you set.

Mobile Optimization

Salespeople are not bound to their cubicles or workstations and that freedom is complimented by Salesmate’s mobile apps that come in handy for your reps while they work remotely. Whether it is making an appointment with their prospects or planning a follow-up call with a client or accessing the contact details of recently acquired leads, everything is available to them within the mobile apps.