eStudio provides project management software, document management software, group calendar software and contact management software that improves workflow and enhances communication between workgroups and clients. eStudio is web-based groupware software; perfect for businesses, agencies, and organizations with multiple offices or for companies that have staff that works from home. eStudio is a scalable product that will grow with your business.

Familycrossings provides private social networks for dispersed/extended families for sharing photos, videos, family stories, recipes, files and more. Create a family website to keep in touch family members, register a family domain and create a custom landing page to welcome your relatives.

CHOPAS Condo Home Owner Property Association Software) offers private portals filled with collaboration software to condo associations, homeowner associations, community property associations, and property management companies. Put your association's calendar, inventory, files, owner's directory, photos, reports, forms, tasks, governing documents and more in our secure private cloud – ensuring everyone’s on the same page!

Same-Page LLP is an awarding winning provider of powerful suite of collaboration software for small businesses, non-profits, government agencies and entrepreneurs. Every day thousands of people log in and depend on eStudio to share files, schedule events, meet deadlines, assign tasks, centralize feedback, and get on the same page with clients and consultants.

Since 1999 eStudio has provided a safe, secure, customizable and reliable Software as a Service. Our online service means registered users can collaborate from multiple offices, home or on the road - any location and any time.

How We Make Money
Same-Page has never charged its customers a "per user fee". Our eStudio service has a modest subscription charge that includes free access to all users of the collaboration tools . As your business grows you may require extra file storage, extra projects, extra ftp accounts, These "extras" are available on demand and are always value priced.

eStudio eXtreme cloudservers can be configured with extra large hard drives and extra strength security for HIPPA compliance.

Customer Philosophy
At Same-Page the customer is #1. We mean it. We provide a FREE trial period and FREE training to help you get started. Customers get unlimited FREE support via telephone, web meeting or email. Our development team listens very closely to customer feedback and make frequent product improvements based upon user comments.

Our Tools
Dell, Telx, Microsoft, Adobe, DigiCert, Digital Samba

Our Social Network
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