With 200 experienced and certified employees ISM eCompany has been offering innovative online solutions to the top of Dutch companies for nearly two decades. From the late ’90’s all implementations were realized on an in-house developed platform called Sana. Since January 2006, Sana was further developed by a dedicated team.

e-Commerce, e-Learning and web content management. The three pillars that form the sturdy foundation of Sana Software. These are the innovative software solutions we use to help organizations achieve their goals. With a clear emphasis on the results of your clients as our main guiding line. We use the internet to help generate more profit through an online shop. To reach a wider audience. Or to help raise the awareness of employees.

Sana Software has a clear emphasis on efficiency and effectiveness. With a team of architects, product managers and business development in The Netherlands and four development teams with dedicated engineers in Ukraine, our aim is to create software products which add value to our partners and users.

Sana Software embraced a lean approach for software development. This means that we create solutions efficiently, in short cycles, allowing us to quickly respond to market wishes, resulting in an optimized 'time to value'.