Sanari has created organic candles using coconut wax infused with blends of essential oils. This less wasteful plant-based and scented candle collection is amazing. Sanari’s coconut wax candles with wide natural cotton wicks burn flawlessly as they perfume the air. Imagine a completely 100% non-toxic, green, Non-GMO organic plant-based eco-friendly, scented candle now available because of our founder’s personal fight against breast cancer.
Research by Sanari Candle founder Rebecca Aghalarpour began after her diagnosis and her efforts to rid her surroundings of toxic materials.  An important discovery during several years of research revealed that coconut wax candles with a blend of essential oils, wide natural cotton wicks, recyclable stemless wine glass holders—all in beautiful combination—provided the feeling of love, comfort and luxury we seek in our daily lives. The blending of essential oils creates scented candles that orchestrate a symphony of pure notes that flourish within this new genre of organic candles.
The creation of new fragrances is magical. Unlike ordinary candles, Sanari produces candles with no animal byproducts, petroleum, or artificial scents. A clean, green, new and exciting journey for the senses awaits you and your loved ones with this purely organic candle. Choose your favorite combination from our shop and let your journey to extraordinary pleasure begin. All our candles are made in California USA. Eco-friendly Sanari candles bring a soothing and healthful fragrance into any home