Since childhood I always enjoyed watching movies and was awed by this entertainment field and also loved dancing. Eventually while growing up I realized these things are my stress buster but not actually passionate about it. After completing my engineering, I was confused whether I can make into marketing field because I always found marketing as interesting and it gives you full privilege to be creative. While researching about the same I came across the magazine named Xpert, where I read many blogs about various fields which made me research more about Xpert and discovered there is also an application of them which has curated content of various category.

Xpert is a social learning platform which enables to learn from experts of their respective field, it has various category such as Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, Dancing, Singing, Stand-ups etc. They have curated the experts interviews in the form of Q&A so that users find it easy and understand the content better. They also conduct live sessions with experts to get some more insights from their experience. The brownie point is experts are our own celebrities in entertainment field, young people tends to connect more with celebrities and how cool it is to learn from your favorite celebrity. The next brownie point is you can learn from any experts for free of cost.
After learning about marketing from the top experts through Xpert, I took up my PGDM course in marketing. Xpert has played a huge role in making my career decision and also, I got to learn about various new things through that platform and cooking is my new best friend.

Don’t think the story of me and my Xpert has ended here. Continuing... while studying my PGDM course we have to do an internship which was a compulsory subject after applying to many companies I saw an opening from an Xpert too thought I will try my luck and applied for interning there and my luck wasn’t bad at all I got a call from Xpert telling I have been selected as one of the interns there. I had got an opportunity to learn from the best people.
My internship days are the true learning experience for me, I got to know about the company in a better way and how this social learning platform is unique and better because they believe in our idols are our best teacher and experiences teach a better lesson than anyone.
Not all addiction to social media application is bad from getting addicted to Xpert you can only learn better things and become an expert in a chosen field. This is my journey from being an user to being an intern in Xpert