Sanomab Ltd. is a product-focused biopharmaceutical development company that is focused on the development of modern monocolonal antibody-based therapies for use in oncology and immunomodulated disease.

Sanomab's founders, both who have years of experience working in the biotech sector, felt that biopharmaceutical companies could be run smarter; through better utilisation of emerging technologies and tapping into expertise that exists globally.  Unlike many biotech companies, Sanomab isn't about creating the next big technological platform, instead Sanomab simply looks to create new products towards unmet clinical targets using the best existing but proven technlogies that can be found.  This in turn allows new medicines to be developed faster and more cost effectively as well as evaluated in the clinic more quickly.  

Sanomab's vision is to tap into their own and others' technical, clinical and commercial experience to include the latest technical advancements into their products as well as using contracting expertise from around the globe.  Sanomab consider this the best approach to move products from the laboratory bench to a bedside evaluation as fast & efficiently as possible.      

Sanomab is fortunate to attract world-class collaborators and expertise to provide patients suffering life-threatening illnesses with a genuine hope that the latest technologies bring. Sanomab is headquartered near London in the United Kingdom.