Plow Shear Press is proud to represent artists that wish to provide their spiritual creations for the betterment of all creatures. The internet and electronic media tools available enable each person to publish that novel that has been deep inside of us all our life, spiritual paintings or music that is for healing and meditation. Or maybe it’s a “How To” or “Self Help” book that we want to share with the world.

Plow Shear Press has been created to assist authors and artists in creating high quality audio books and sound tracks that can be sold on line as digital downloads and CDs. For authors, we provide the voice and the support necessary to narrate your book, format it for publishing as an audio book and publish it on websites where it can be purchased. This includes taking care of the ISBN, copyrighting and payment collection along with dispersion of royalties.

What’s in our name? For hundreds of years, civilization has used the plow to turn the soil and make it ready to plant. In my youth I plowed many an acre of soil for planting wheat. To this day I know of no more rewarding sensation than the smell of new turned earth. Plow Shear Press represents the toil that will result in your dream becoming a high quality and rewarding product that will benefit others.