Advanced Purification is the parent company of SanusAer®, and our mission is: “Helping people live healthier lives.”

Headquartered in Central Ohio, Advanced Purification began servicing residential and commercial buildings with shock treatments of ozone to rid the indoor environment of biological and chemical pollutants as well as problem odors.  Helping people suffering from allergies, asthma, and sick building syndrome has been the driver behind our success.  The SanusAer® line of high output ozone generators was borne of our years of "hands-on" treatment experience, resulting in a proprietary design that is unique to the industry.  

SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators Now Available to the Public:

As the most innovative and effective ozone delivery system available today, SanusAer® ozone generators have all of these important design features:

• High Ozone Output                    • Easy Maintenance
• Dual Fan Format                        • Patent Pending Vertical Flow System
• Compact Size                            • Adjustable Ozone Output
• Rugged, Durable Housing         • Operates Vertically or Horizontally

SanusAer® High Output Ozone Generators deliver nature's most powerful oxidant, which is scientifically proven to deodorize, disinfect, and destroy the pollutants that poison the indoor environment.  Ozone is a green technology with broad-based capabilities, that can be used in:

• Sanitization                                  • Natural Disaster Remediation
• Deodorization                              • VOC Control
• Allergen Elimination                     • Commercial Agriculture

Ozone is a reactive gas that can literally treats all indoor surfaces.  With a kill rate of over 99.99%, it will completely sanitize the indoor environment and eliminate odors without leaving a chemical residue behind!  

Our story began with our mission “Helping people live healthier lives;” and our line of SanusAer® High Output Ozone Generators were developed to continue to deliver on that promise.

As the most innovative and effective ozone delivery system, all SanusAer® generators have these five important design features:

1) High Ozone Output for effective shock treatments: 14,000 mg/hr & 28,000 mg/hr. models:
     • Each model has a dual output feature, allowing the user the option of full or half-power ozone generation.
     • Two illuminated switches toggle between the two output levels.

2) The Dual Fan Format, unique to the industry, creates an impressive 9,840 ft3/hr air flow, which when combined with the
     Patent Pending Vertical Flow System improves gas distribution by projecting it out of the top of the unit.
    • Optional Horizontal Operation, (using the cabinet handle as a stand), provides the user the ability to point the generator in a
       specific direction, controlling the ozone flow.

3) Compact Size:
    • SanusAer® 14000:  9-3/8" x 9-3/8" x 10-1/8" = 0.66 cube.
    • SanusAer® 28000:  12-15/16" x 12-3/8" x 10-1/8" = 0.94 cube.
             +  Cube shape for efficient storage and transport

4) Easy Maintenance:
    • Two screw access to change out ozone plates.
    • External fuse for easy replacement.

5) Rugged, Durable Housing:
    • Commercial grade exterior highly durable & chemically / ultraviolet resistant.
    • One-piece injection-molded structural foam polyolefin for maximum strength.
    • 58" grounded power cord.

Business Opportunities using the SanusAer Technology:

We are aggressively seeking licensees of our Advanced Purification business model, to expand into other geographies:

• Qualified individuals will be ethical, hard working, customer oriented, service professionals interested in making a difference in people's lives.  They should have an entrepreneurial spirit, attention to detail, and dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.

• Advanced Purification will provide Licensees all the equipment, training, marketing and operational materials, website support/design, use of all the trade marks, and ongoing technical support to sustain a successful business.

• Interested professionals, looking for an opportunity with low cost of entry, and many opportunities to apply this technology, should contact Advanced Purification at:  (877) 979-PURE [7873]

Please visit our website at: http://www.SanusAer.com